Care Home Management Software

Care Home Management Software

Nursing, Residential, Day Care and Domiciliary Clients can all be catered for in one comprehensive package.

Nursing, Residential, Day Care and Domiciliary Clients can all be catered for in one comprehensive package.

AstonCare Healthcare softwareFeatures

AstonCare is a long established cloud-based care management software package designed for the care industry.
Over the past 18 years we have worked together with our clients to produce this easy to use, yet extremely functional, care management software package.

No record limits

Unlimited installations, Unlimited records, Unlimited user accounts - We charge on a per concurrent connection basis (how many people can access the server at the same time)

Client internet portal

This allows client's family and friends to log in to a secure Web portal to check on the activity of their loved one. Selected notes can be published to our Web portal via our daily diary/FrontDesk facilities.


FrontDesk is an application within AstonCare which acts as a visitor book. Place a tablet or notebook on your front desk and allow visitors, clients and staff to log in and out electronically. FrontDesk will also post relevant activity to your client's daily diary.


This area is used for managing the details of the various companies that come into contact with the staff/service users of your establishment.
Key features include business details, company contacts and product information.

Service users

Service users are considered to be the core of the AstonCare system. The application has been designed to make management of service users as simple, efficient and comprehensive as possible.
Key features are care planning, invoicing, service user details, doctor and social worker details, requirements, contacts, visits, client funds (including a control account),incidents, recording of valuables, area to attach files/documents to the service user record and discharge details.


The invoicing module makes invoicing much faster and considerably easier - never again will you have to manually calculate backdated rate change adjustments. Set up multiple funders and multiple invoicing periods with ease. Also, integrates with popular direct debit request software such as NatWest Payaway.


Easily monitor enquiries from the prospective service users, family members or social workers.
Key features: Enquirer Details, Prospective Service User Details, Care and Booking Details, Follow-ups, Visits and an archiving facility.

Remote daily diary/observations

Staff can quickly and securely input notes and observations into daily diary via a smart phone/tablet. This cuts down administration time at the computer and ensures information is instantly at hand.


Pre-defined reports
Enquiry Record - Service User Record - Visits - Outstanding Reminders - Service User Pocket Money Account - Service user Birthday List - Service User Contacts - Service User Incidents - Service User's Valuables - Staff Record - Staff Incidents - Staff Holidays - Staff Sickness - Company Product List etc.


Contacts will range from service user's friends and family to professionals such as doctors and social workers. AstonCare organises contacts in groups that you define.
Key features of Contacts include recording of home and business addresses, email and web site addresses, visits and an archiving facility.


Staff form an integral part of your business and managing staff efficiently is of equal importance.Organise staff rotas easily and with minimal effort. With scope for multiple pay rates, shifts, and departments, AstonCare uses a template to paste your data which can then be fine tuned, manually. You can record sickness, lateness and holidays in a visual format for easy reference and pre-defined reports for payroll input and management of staff absence, lateness, holidays, in real time.
Key features include employee details, training records, visits, incidents, holidays, sickness, bank details, next of kin, area to attach files/documents and leaver Information.

Care Planning

A comprehensive and easy to use suite of assessments which allow the collection and review of data relating to the service user's care planning, including: Profile - Waterlow - Risk Assessment - Initial Assessment - Care Needs Assessment - O'Neil Assessment (Person-centred assessment) - Therapeutic Assessment - Therapeutic Plan - Medical Administration - Functional Evaluation - Domiciliary Assessments and much more There is also the facility to store multiple photographs in each service user's care plan together with related notes even attach your own assessments/Care Plans and AstonCare will remind you to review them.


More Features

Search facility Find any record quickly by simply entering a name, address, post code or telephone number.
Mail merge Create targeted mailings or standard response letters in seconds using the Mail Merge Wizard. Further standard letters can also be created in addition to those supplied with AstonCare.
Room management Efficiently manage your rooms; AstonCare will provide you with visual information regarding -Current Occupancy and Room Availability -Future Bookings/Reservations Room Details (such as type, rate, decor, etc.) Maintenance schedule/fault logging.
Reminders Use the reminder facility to set actions and 'to do' items. AstonCare will also generate automatic reminders for key events (for example: sending a brochure to an enquirer.)
Visits Easily manage the many different types of visitor that your establishment receives using a centralised visit register.
Multi-user AstonCare has been designed to be used within a multi-user environment. You can set up multiple users and assign different access rights to each user of the software.
Crib list At the press of a button you can view a user-defined list of the services and facilities that you provide, which can be referred to when talking to enquirers. AstonCare is not sold on a module or per client basis.

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Aston Solutions Services are happy to provide many services including Web Design, Network Installation, Hardware Supply & Bespoke Database Design to name a few.

AstonCare Utilities

Remote Assistance 1 Please call Aston Solutions on 01208 368564 for remote assistance.


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Web Site Design

We offer a full web site design service, together with domain name registration and hosting services.
This includes:Bespoke and standard template designs to suit your budget
Site makeovers and upgrades.
Database driven sites.
Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. We also offer a free report that comments on your existing site.

Maintenance Services

We offer a full term maintenance service that includes (but is not limited to):

Network installation and hardware support.
Troubleshooting via remote access, telephone and onsite visits.
Hardware and software installation.
Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Network Installation / Hardware Supply

Installing a basic network need not cost the earth. There are many advantages and savings to be gained by installing a network in your organisation.

Aston Solutions can deal with all of your network needs.
Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Database Design

Control and access to company information is the key to business success. Aston Solutions can develop a professional database to your exact requirements.

There are many 'off the shelf' business management packages on today's market. The large organisations that produce this software have to develop their programs in such a way that they are flexible enough to be applied to many business sectors. Although for certain business sectors the database may be acceptable, for others the software will fall short of expectations and at best be a 'half way house' to meeting the companies needs.

Enhance your company's efficiency by investing in a custom written database or a bolt-on application that can interact with your existing systems to fill the holes that so often exist.
Storing information in a database file has many benefits. A database does not just hold information, it helps you organise and analyse the information in different ways. For example, databases allow you to group information for reports, sort information for mailing labels, count your inventory, or find a particular invoice.
Computerised databases offer many additional advantages over their paper-based counterparts: speed, reliability, precision, and the ability to automate many repetitive tasks.

Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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We take pride in our work and love to hear feedback on how we are doing!

If you are a prospective customer please read what our clients have to say about us, alternatively If you are one of our clients please submit a quick review of our product.

“I have used AstonCare for just over 12 months now and it has revolutionised the way we work. There are so many features that we have not had the opportunity of utilising them all but I am confident they will always be straight forward and functional. On the odd occasion when we have had confusion over a specific module then they support function is second to none. During the last 12 months AstonCare have taken feedback and made positive updates to the software making it even more productive and user friendly. Great value for money and a big thank you to Alan Wold and the Team.”

Angelo Trapasso, Thomas Leigh Care HomeDirector

“ The Chase has used other software to maintain care plans and assessments and found that it had many flaws, and was extremely slow. AstonCare has provided us with everything we require to achieve good care planning and assessments, not only that but the author of the program is easily approachable and wants the system to work for you so is able to ensure that you get what you want. I cannot recommend AstonCare highly enough and Alan Wold the producer of the program is open to any suggestions to enhance the program and make necessary changes in an amazingly short time. If your home needs a care program or needs to update the current software you use, then I recommend that you get a 30 day trial with AstonCare, you will not regret it!”


David Short, The Chase Care HomeRegistered Manager

“We purchased the Aston Care - Care Home Management System in February 2011 and have found it invaluable for the day to day management of clients care needs and recording staff details.”

Margaret Lawrence, Firbank Residential Care Home

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service and support you have given me over the years whilst I have been using AstonCare. I have found the system to be very user friendly and Mail Merge very useful for our list processing. We look forward to your future support.”

Zoey Baik, Springdene Care Home